Development Projects

Are you breaking ground on a new venture or redeveloping or expanding a project?

New developments are exciting to launch, especially when guided by an attorney who will be with your project from start to finish. From pre-acquisition planning, financing options, due diligence concerns, to purchase and sales agreements and all matters in-between, there is no substitute for working with an experienced advocate. Amy Brimah has the experience you need. She provides comprehensive real estate counsel for developers, business owners and investors with their Colorado real estate interests.

Look to Brimah LLP for leadership with multifaceted real estate issues such as:

  • Encumbrances – Liens, easements, covenants that run with the land
  • Zoning – Land use restrictions, other restrictions, entitlements
  • Annexations-annexation agreements
  • Vested rights agreements
  • Local law compliance – Ordinances for parking, lighting, noise
  • Physical condition – Reviews of building sites, title issues, surveys
  • Lease issues
  • Purchase and sale agreements
  • Negotiate subdivision agreements, development agreements and other related local government required documents



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