Denver’s commercial real estate prospects in 2020

What’s coming next in 2020? Should you invest? Should you sell? While nothing is certain, it is possible to anticipate trends in real estate based on the current economic climate and trends. Coldwell Banker Richard Ellis, better known as CBRE, recently conducted a study that contained some interesting data on Denver’s prospects for commercial real estate in 2020.

What’s hot and what’s not

According to the study, Denver’s commercial real estate will be ripe for investing in 2020. The study revealed that the city has jumped to tie Atlanta for the number five target investing spot in America for commercial real estate.

Over the last few years, industrial property purchasing has spiked in Denver. Industrial property was named by 39 percent of investors as the most enticing property type in 2019, and CBRE predicts this trend will continue in 2020. Why? Because online sales continue to skyrocket, and it’s more important to have the means to deliver goods efficiently than to have a physical store for customers to pick up products in most metros, especially in technologically advanced areas like Denver.

What’s not as pertinent to invest in right now? Retail. While there is still a market for retail in Denver, it is small—accounting for only about 9 percent of the market.

Flexibility puts Denver on the map

Flexible office space is a game-changing market for Denver. Our city has embraced this innovative concept, and it’s changing the very nature of work for residents. Denver’s flexible office industry has expanded an astounding 600 percent in the last five years, making it the seventh-largest market for flexible offices nationwide.  Denver’s lifestyle is ideal for this type of work environment, and it is likely that the city will continue to rise up the ranks in the flexible office space industry.

In short, this data supports that Denver is a growing metro area that any savvy investor might consider a good investment for their endeavor.